CIWI 2015 Program Impact Video

The following video highlights the CIWI program from the eyes and experience of the interns. Check it out!


The 2015 CIWI Team included the following Sponsor Partners: Cahill Contractors, Nibbi Brothers, Tishman Speyer, Related CA, Roberts-Obayashi, Turner Construction Co., Strada Investment Group, Urban Design Consulting Engineers, and Interstice Architects.

CIWI 2015 was a remarkable year for the program - take a moment to check out our recent Accomplishments:

 Here are some highlights:

  1. Number of Internship Positions.  CIWI delivered 16 internship positions, representing a 60 percent increase from our 2014 program (10 internships).
  2. Professional Development/Career Development.  In total, our interns earned over $70,000 and gained almost 4,000 hours in technical training/civic engagement experience.
  3. Targeted SF District 10 Commitment.  All of our SF interns were from District 10, a 2014 program goal.
  4. Number of Sponsors. CIWI 2015 included nine sponsors, our largest number to date, as well as participation by two A&E firms.
  5. Civic Engagement Series.  Interns participated in several local government, key partner, and community engagement meetings (such as SF HAC, SPUR, and AIA-SF), two Meet and Greets, including one with Lynette Gibson McElhaney (Oakland City Council President, District 3 Representative), Lane Partners, and Gensler and one with Tiffany Bohee Director, Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII).
  6. Key Community Based Organizations. To date, we have three key CBO partners, including Juma Ventures, College Track, and East Bay College Funds. With proximity to key development opportunity sites, our partners are strategically located to maximize our outreach efforts and also create community and economic development opportunities within these areas. Our partners provide a key and critical role in the program, including outreach, engagement and recruitment with interns, and provide centrally located meeting space for workshop and meet and greets.

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CIWI 2015 Major Accomplishment Achieved

The Construction Industry Workforce Initiative (CIWI) is a partnership of private sector construction and real estate development companies committed to expanding opportunities and enhancing the diversity of the construction industry workforce with an emphasis in the following fields: Construction, Real Estate Development, Architecture and Engineering,

Civic Engagement, and Urban Design.

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