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The Construction Industry Workforce Initiative (CIWI) includes two core components:

Internship Component: June through August (12 weeks), 20 hours per week, totaling 240 hours of direct experience.  Intern work scope varies by sponsor, but the following represents an overview of technical training and skills/work scope for our interns:

  • Project Management/Document Control
  • Attend Owner/Architect/Contractor meetings
  • Attend weekly design team coordination meetings, with Architect, Engineers, and other consultants
  • Participate in Project Site Visits and Inspections
  • Construction Management
  • Financial Modeling
  • Due Diligence/Research
  • Contracts Document Development
  • Software Exposure: AutoCAD, Excel, Database Management, and Scheduling

Civic Engagement Component: 
Participating in community, civic and related industry  meetings.  Recent examples include the following:

  • Public Partners Meetings: Commission for Community Investment and Infrastructure (CCII, former sf Redevelopment Agency Commission).
  • Industry Partner Conferences and Meetings: USGBC’s GreenerBuilder Conference, SF Housing Action Coalition (SF HAC), San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR). Interns are now formally members of SPUR’s Young Urbanist program.
  • Guest Industry Speaker Series. The 2017 program included six events targeted to expanded exposure (technical skills) as well as networking opportunities.  Event topics ranged from an overview of LEED and related programs to Net Zero Energy/Building Tour, a case study presentation of the Aquacell Recycling System at a new building currently under construction in SF’s Transbay Transit Area. Interns also participated in two fantastic presentations regarding healthy communities/healthy environments (Center for Create Land Recycling) and a must for bay area residents and industry practitioners, HAC’s Housing Economics 101 Presentation regarding SF/Bay Area housing market trends, presented by, super informative for all.

What is CIWI?

CIWI is a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives (a 501c(3)) and a privately funded initiative targeted to young urban adults (18 to 21 years old and enrolled in a two- to four-year college) from lower-income households, many that are first generation Bay Area college students. The program is committed to providing career development opportunities for students with an interest in Construction, Real Estate Development, Architecture and Engineering, Civic Engagement and Urban Design.

CIWI goals are to provide direct construction industry work experience, a comprehensive leadership and mentor component, personal, educational and career development opportunities for young adults which may ultimately lead to pursuing education and career opportunities within the field.  

These young adults have been largely unrepresented in our industry at the professional level.  CIWI’s goal is to provide assistance and promote a path to long term employment in the Construction industry.

Our Mission