ciwi 2021: 2021 CIWI Internship program.

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CIWI 2021. Request for Sponsors + Funders + And Collaborators!—Let’s Do in Four Years What Took Us Eight Years to Previously Achieve--Our Next 100 internships for our first generation, students of color.

Good morning Bay Area A/E/C Community.

I am thrilled to formally launch CIWI’s 2021 Summer Internship program. 

As many of you know—CIWI delivered on its first major milestone –100 internships delivered, 100 % Students of Color, vast majority first generation (2012-2020). And our 2020 program (100% virtual) delivered our largest cohort to date.  Let’s do this. 

CIWI goals are to provide direct industry work experience, including an innovative Civic Engagement/Sustainability component for young adults with an interest in Construction, Real Estate Development, Architecture and Engineering, Civic Engagement, and Sustainability so that they may gain a greater awareness of the construction industry, which may ultimately lead to pursuing education and career opportunities within the field. 

CIWI is also thrilled to share that we are partnering with ULI SF this year— click here for more information on our exciting partnership. 

The most common ways to support CIWI include:  

  1. Fund an intern, placed in your office.
  2. Fund an intern, placed at another firm's office (e.g., underwriting for LBE, affordable housing developer and/or other community-based initiatives).
  3. Partial funding of intern.
  4. Funding available to underwrite our Civic Engagement/Sustainability program.  

Now—with a bigger team and mission—we are on to our next milestone.

I hope that you can take a few minutes and jump into our CIWI collateral and take a journey into what CIWI has been up to since our launch in 2012. Our goals for this summer include a program of 25 interns, extensive engagement with ULI as well as other key industry stakeholders including USGBC, SF HAC, SPUR, CMAA and others.   

2020 Impact Report

2014-2019 CIWI Civic Engagement/Sustainability Presentation 

Interested? Contact CIWI.  Please reach out to me if you would like to learn more about CIWI 2021 and ways to participate/sponsor. Monica Wilson, Program Director,