CIWI 2023​

2023 Accomplishments = Our 12th Year of Delivering: “Access + Exposure = Opportunities”

CIWI---a small, community-based program, located in SF’s Bayview neighborhood (District 10))-- continues its mission and journey to create and maximize opportunities for our BIPOC/First Generation college students. 

Here is a quick overview of the 2023 program.

21 Internships Delivered.

  • 13 Male   (59%)
  • 9 Female (41%)
  •  4 Black  (18%)
  •  6 Latino (27%)
  • 10 Asian (46%)
  •  2 White  (9%)


  • 15 Placements: General Contractors (68%)
  • 4 Placements: UCSF Design and Construction (18%)
  • 3 Placements: Developer/Arch/Specialty Contractors (15%)
  • 10 Engineering: (Civil/Mechanical) (46%)
  • 6 Architecture/Sustainability (27%)
  • 4 Construction Management (18%)
  • 2 Development/Economics/Business (10%) 

Program Expansion. CIWI Collaborations with General Contractors. Recruitment Partner (Yr. 2)

2023 marked CIWI’s second year of being a key recruitment partner for many of the Bay Area’s largest General Contractors.  This is a big win for CIWI and our interns as these are full-time Summer internships (40 hours per week) with their GC sponsors. In 2023, we placed 12 interns (57%) with General Contractors.

ULI-SF DEI Committee. MOU and Partnership.

A huge thank you to our amazing partner, ULI-SF and its DEI Committee. 2023 represents our third year in collaboration with the DEI Committee, with our shared goal to deliver CIWI’s next 100 interns over the four-year period, 2021 thru 2024.   

CIWI. Let Us Recruit for Your Projects and Firm Goals. Hudson Pacific Properties (HPP).

For the second year in a row, CIWI has partnered with HPP as their recruitment partner for their in-house summer internship program. CIWI is thrilled to have placed three young adults (all College Track members) with HPP, Summer 2023. Thank you, HPP for this multi-year collaboration.

Civic Engagement + Sustainability (CE+S) Events—What were we up to? 

In addition to the formal internship component, CIWI designs and implements its CE+S events to deliver additional exposure to our industries. A huge thanks to our CE+S partners that created amazing site tours and events.

Pacific Charter School Development (PCSD)/Oakland School Modernization Tours.
For the second year in a row, CIWI launched its CE+S program in partnership with PCSD -- touring two schools in Oakland, including Education for Change’s (EFC) Achieve Academy located in Fruitvale and Leadership Public School's R & D, located at Castlemont High School (East Oakland). Both schools are currently undergoing extensive new construction/modernization programs to best serve the local communities. Big thanks to PCSD’s Team for sharing with the interns the extensive planning, scheduling and preconstruction work required to undertake these ambitions project during the school year.

Port of San Francisco/Waterfront Resilience Program Tour.
In partnership with CIWI’s Advisory Committee Member Diane Oshima and Luiz Barata (Port of SF Representatives), for designing a fantastic waterfront tour to learn about the past, present, and future of SF’s amazing waterfront, including extensive work planned to defend the waterfront from future flood risks.

Guzman Construction Group. SOMA Affordable Housing Tour.
Thank you-- Team Guzman--for sharing with the interns the 7th/Brannan development (221 units, 100% affordable)! Amazing to see all the concrete trade members in action, getting their rebar work completed for the next day’s concrete pour. 

Vertical Construction + Horizontal Construction=Economic Development.
Huge thanks to Ricardo Noguera, Economic Development Manager with the City of Brentwood for sharing what economic development is and how cities work and compete to attract businesses and development. 

Housing Action Coalition (HAC) and the 101s of the Bay Area Housing Market. 
For over 10 years, CIWI has partnered with the HAC---our longest partnership—to ensure our interns learn about Bay Area housing—the good, bad, and crazy! For five years now, HAC has designed and delivered its The 101s of the Bay Area Housing Market presentation to CIWI interns. The PPT presentation delivers an amazing overview of the Bay Areas housing market, constraints and opportunities, and the numerous ways industry professionals and community members can be positive forces in the advocacy and development of more housing to serve the Bay Area’s diverse communities.

Making an Impact as a Young Professional. Laura Barbosa (From CIWI Intern to Sares Regis).
Huge thanks to Laura Barbosa (Assistant PM, Sares Regis) for sharing her insight and strategies and experience as a young professional and how to always have a seat at the table, regardless of age and/or experience. Laura, a CIWI Advisory Committee member, also shared her experience in securing her USGBC Green Associates Certification, while a CIWI 2020 intern.

Factory OS and the Evolution of Housing Construction.
Thrilled to have the Factory OS team and tour be part of the CIWI 2023 program—our third trip to the facility. Thank you (Matt Smith and Team) for sharing the mission, goals and impact---all of the construction innovations---and how Factory OS is truly revolutionizing the construction of housing in our Bay Area backyard.

The 101s of Creating a Real Estate Development Budget.
Thank you to Dean Rubison (Director of Development, Ellis Partners and CIWI Advisory Committee Member) for teaching our interns the 101 of development—and all that it takes to create a real estate development budget. Regardless of each intern major and area of interest, this first-hand experience and exposure to what a development budget includes, sources and uses, soft and hard costs---are questions that our interns are eager to learn and practice.

Emerson Electric/Montez Group. PUC’s Bruce Flynn Pump Station’s Infrastructure Project.
Thank you to Cathi Bradley (Emerson Electric) and Oscar Montez (Montez Group) for our third summer collaboration, which included two CE+S events--- a zoom presentation regarding the PUC’s extensive Biosolids Project and our second annual Bruce Flynn jobsite walk. The project involved renovating and modifying the existing 25-year-old Bruce Flynn pump station to increase capacity to convey 150 million gallons per day of sewage to the Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant for treatment.

Who Does CIWI Serve?

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The Construction Industry Workforce Initiative (CIWI) is a partnership of private sector construction and real estate development companies committed to expanding opportunities and enhancing the diversity of the construction industry workforce with an emphasis in the following fields: Construction, Real Estate Development, Architecture and Engineering, Civic Engagement, and Urban Design.

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