CIWI 2022. How To Create a Real Estate Development Budget.

Final Presentation Video. Dean Rubison, Ellis Partners (CIWI Advisory Committee Member).

CIWI 2022​


This year marks our eleventh year (2012 thru 2022) of delivering "Access+Exposure=Internship Opportunities" not only for our BIPOC/first generation college students but also to deliver a pipeline to the next generation of leaders for our sponsors–including amazing A&E/Real Estate Development/Construction firms that believe in CIWI and our mission.

The following highlights some of our major accomplishments in 2022 but also over the last several years as it takes time to identify needs and opportunities, develop strategies and initiatives to achieve those goals, and then to have those areas for program growth become strong and formal components of the CIWI program and experience. 

ULI-SF. A Multi-Year Commitment to CIWI and its BIPOC/First Generation College Students.

  • ULI-SF+CIWI Four Year Commitment/MOU. It took CIWI nine years on its own to deliver our first 100 interns. However, in 2021, we entered into a MOU with ULI-SF to deliver our next 100 interns in four years.  We are on track and we will hit if not exceed that milestone. 

  • Thank you to our ULI-SF DEI, and our ULI sponsors and funders. Over the last two years, ULI and its members have invested significant time, money, and energy into CIWI. 

  • ULI SF’s Young Leaders Group (YLG) 360 Program (2022-23).  Another example of the richness of our collaboration with ULI, is Lalo Mendez, a first-generation immigrant and DACA recipient who comes from a family of farm workers. Following a successful CIWI summer internship with Republic Urban Properties (ULI member), Lalo was selected for ULI’s YLG 360 Program. Please see Lalo’s video here.

  • CIWI 2022. Final Project. How to Create a Real Estate Development Budget. Thank you Dean Rubinson, Ellis Partners (ULI Partner) for not only joining our CIWI Advisory Committee, but for all of your time and commitment into custom designing CIWI's 2022 multi-part Zoom series “How to Create a Development Budget” and final presentation at Ellis Partner’s The Key Building, located in downtown Oakland. Please see Dean’s video here. 

  • From CIWI Intern to Young Professional and CIWI Advisory Committee Member. One of the most amazing multi year impacts (professional and personal) are those of two of our former CIWI interns leveraged--- from CIWI intern, to college graduation, full-time employment---- and they are now members of the CIWI Advisory Committee. Thank you so much to Norris Lee Cooper III (Holland Partner Group, Development Associate) and Laura Barbosa (Sares Regis Group, work title).  Please see Laura’s video here.

CIWI+SF Human Rights Commission+SF Office of Economic and Workforce Development+Opportunities for All Program​.  Summer 2022, marked our first formal internship placement and collaboration with the City and County of SF, including HRC and OEWD. The intern, Rome Jones, was placed with Housing Action Coalition (HAC). Thank you to Dr. Sheryl Davis (HRC) and Joshua Arce (OEWD) for making this happen.  Rome is an amazing young man that then leveraged his CIWI internship to a placement with SF Planning Department. Please see Rome’s video here.

CIWI’s Pipelines to Candidates is Diverse and it Rocks! CIWI partners and collaborates with a diverse group of key stakeholders to identify our candidates. This includes UC, state, and local colleges as well as large CBOs (regional and national) to small-community and neighborhood focused programs. They are all fantastic and it not uncommon for CIWI to have interns that are members of several of the organizations at the same time. The beauty of these organizations —like CIWI–is the targeted commitment to BIPOC/first generation young adults–with many beginning their commitment in middle school.

With ties to CBO partners, such as 100% College Prep, a Bayview-based program with a very strong commitment to local community members in District 10 BIPOC/first generation college students, CIWI (in partnership with Related CA) has been able to work with Amiriana Sinegal, a resident of HOPE SF/Sunnydale. Amiriana joined CIWI in 2021 (as a graduating high school student) and was also part of the CIWI 2022 program. Please see Amiriana Sinegal's video here.

We have formally expanded our geographic base.  Over the last two years, and in partnership with our sponsors, educational and CBO partners--we are now firmly in the Sacramento area (thank you EPS and Webcor for your multi-year partnerships) as well in the San Jose (thank you Kelly Snider, SJSU for your amazing students/interns) and our sponsors including Sares Regis,Boston Properties and Republic Urban Properties.Please see Salita Thao's video here.

Since 2012, we have grown the program from two interns to 23 interns (2022). We are looking to have our 2023 program our largest yet, and are planning for 25 to 30 interns. 

Thank you to our CIWI family---growing larger and stronger each year.

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Major Accomplishments

The Construction Industry Workforce Initiative (CIWI) is a partnership of private sector construction and real estate development companies committed to expanding opportunities and enhancing the diversity of the construction industry workforce with an emphasis in the following fields: Construction, Real Estate Development, Architecture and Engineering, Civic Engagement, and Urban Design.

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