The CIWI Team is pleased to announce the following 2014 Key Partners + Funders: Nibbi Brothers, Roberts-Obayashi, John Stewart Company and McGuire and Hester. We are thrilled to expand our team to now include four general contractors and one developer, all firms active throughout the Bay Area. With the expanded Team, CIWI is on track to achieve our 2014 program goal of creating 8-10 internship positions, and a targeted program to develop internship positions for young adults from San Francisco’s District 10/(Southeast Quadrant).

 2014 achievements

Number of Intern Positions
As we commence our fundraising and young adult outreach and engagement efforts, we are committed to providing 8 to 10 internship positions in 2014. 2014.

Fundraising Goal

We intend to formally launch our fundraising program in early January 2014. As planned, our goal is to raise over $100,000 from private sector companies and new sources such as Bay Area private foundations. For more information on how to join the CIWI Team and become a Funder/Partner, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page (Funder).

Expanded and Targeted Market Area: San Francisco’s District 10

To date, CIWI’s primary base for internship and the recruitment of young adults has been San Francisco and Oakland.  In 2014, we are repositioning our market area to include a more focused and intentional role as well as dedicated internship positions for young adult college students residing in San Francisco Supervisorial District 10.

District 10, located in San Francisco’s southeastern section, includes Bayview Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, Potrero Hill, Candlestick Point and several smaller and adjacent neighborhoods.   With the Hunter’s Point Shipyard project under construction and over 14,000 housing units slated for construction in the general area, CIWI is committed to maximizing opportunities within District 10 and we are currently working to identify new partners, funders, and community based organizations that can assist the CIWI Team in implementing this 2014 program goal.

New Program Areas

Each year, we identify new program areas to incorporate, such as our comprehensive Leadership and Mentorship program that was launched in 2013.  In 2014, we are planning to roll out the following new program services: resume development, oral interview training, and the development of Individual Development Plans (IDP) for CIWI interns to identify, track, and evaluate their goals and achievements throughout the internship period.

Development of a CIWI Alumni Program

With two years under our belt, the CIWI Team is developing an alumni program which may include graduates attending and presenting at CIWI outreach and recruitment events, construction and real estate networking events, graduates assisting in the development and management of CIWI's social engagement program, and potentially becoming part of the CIWI staff implementing the program in future years.

As planned, the alumni program will get rolled out in a phased manner, but we know that to meet our CIWI program outcomes and expectations, we want to expand our services and networking opportunities for CIWI graduates.

Tracking Outcomes

Identifying Measurable Outcomes and Implementing Program Improvements Working with industry veterans, including CIWI Advisory Committee members with extensive experience in developing program assessment and evaluation tools, CIWI is expanding our strategic plan to include developing a comprehensive program assessment and evaluation component to identify and track outcomes, lessons learned, and expanding and enhancing the CIWI program during these early years of the Program.

ALCAL Specialty Contracting, Inc.

Golden Gate Steel & Stair, Inc.

2014 Subcontractor Partners

Strada Investment Group is a real estate investment and development firm focused on high-barrier-to-entry urban markets. Headquartered in San Francisco, the firm unites under one roof a team of executives with senior level government experience in public finance and development with leading real estate private equity professionals.

Strada’s proven track-record incorporates a wide spectrum of real estate investing, which includes improving existing assets, distressed note acquisitions, entitlements and development, and public-private partnerships. As evidence of Strada’s capabilities, Forest City Enterprises partnered with Strada on its 5th & Mission and Pier 70 projects in San Francisco, and the Golden State Warriors engaged Strada to manage the development of its proposed San Francisco arena.

BBI Construction is a construction services firm with expertise in renovations and new construction of schools, multifamily housing, commercial, biotech/pharma, and institutional facilities.

The two founders, Tom McCoy and Moe Wright, opened the doors of the company in 1974, as small residential carpenters in the city of Berkeley. BBI’s principles have changed little from the first days they started the company: to hire the most talented people who like to build and who understand the needs of those that hire them – the clients.

The John Stewart Company began in 1978 with a commitment to providing high quality management for affordable housing in the Bay Area. Today, JSCo is a full-service housing management, development, and consulting organization employing over 1,300 people state-wide. According to the National Affordable Housing Management Association's 2013 report, JSCo was the largest affordable housing provider in California, and ranked 6th nationwide. 

The staff at The John Stewart Company is as multi-faceted as the populations we serve. We have been recognized by the State of California with an award for Excellence in the Workplace for the promotion of ethnic and cultural diversity. Our professional backgrounds are in areas as diverse as real estate, finance, education, sociology, land use planning, public policy, architecture, engineering, construction, accounting and communication. Our diversity of experience, together with our commitment to providing service oriented housing, exemplifies the unique perspective and breadth of services we bring to every client.

College Track is a national college completion nonprofit that empowers students from under-served communities to reach their dream of a college degree. 
Our mission is to empower students from under-served communities to graduate from college. We actively engage students over the course of ten years, from the summer before 9th grade through college graduation and beyond. Our students join College Track with limitless aspirations. We provide them with a comprehensive program and an encouraging learning environment that gives them the tools to succeed.

College Track

McGuire and Hester has played an integral role in the construction of many of Northern California’s most recognized landmarks and infrastructure projects. Our storied past follows a timeline that crosses more than eight decades.


McGuire and Hester is a “one-stop shop” for a full range of heavy civil engineering and construction services. We take on large and small projects for both public and private sector clients – from redevelopment agencies and utility companies to real estate developers and homeowners. Our strategically located offices and our highly skilled teams of people enable us to deliver services quickly and efficiently while keeping overall project costs down. And our longtime commitment to on-the-job safety is backed by a comprehensive, award winning, in-house safety program.

John R. Cahill

For over 80 years, James E. Roberts-Obayashi Corporation has consistently delivered high-quality, award-winning construction services in the Bay Area and Northern California. Our work focuses on

projects under negotiated contract in a variety of sectors including affordable and market-rate rental and for-sale housing; senior independent and assisted living facilities; commercial and adaptive-

reuse projects; and mixed-use developments. We are dedicated experts in the rehabilitation and new construction of all building types including wood frame, metal frame, and concrete structures.


Founded in 1932 in San Francisco, Moore & Roberts was formed during the depths of the Great Depression by Gene Moore and Jim Roberts. The company built a reputation for constructing landmark structures throughout the Bay Area and Northern California.

Nibbi has been constructing technically complex, iconic structures in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1950. 
Nibbi Brothers has enjoyed more than a half century of success, constructing great urban projects and building strong, long-term relationships along the way. Our approach to the building experience is a disciplined focus on getting things right the first time.

Nibbi is a dedicated team of construction professionals providing an unsurpassed level of integrity, innovation, and quality. Nibbi's seasoned construction professionals are supported by a young and motivated staff that brings new ideas and skills to the company.

2014 Key Partners + Funders

John R. Cahill Fund
The JR Cahill Fund (Fund) is a Bay Area-based family fund seeking to assist and advance vocational education programs for at-risk youth and young adults.  The Fund is a Founding Funder to CIWI and provides oversight, guidance, and funding to assist CIWI in expanding its program and number of internship positions.
Founded in 2011, Monica Wilson/Community + Real Estate Development (a woman-owned, San Francisco-based certified Local Business Enterprise (LBE/Micro)) provides consulting services to urban real estate development and general contracting firms, local government agencies, community groups, small businesses,  private foundations and financial institutions seeking to expand, enhance and maximize opportunities and resources targeted to economic development, community development, workforce and housing development initiatives. Ms. Wilson has over 20 years of direct housing and economic development experience throughout the greater Bay Area.

Ms. Wilson specializes in designing and implementing community benefits and economic development strategic plans with an emphasis on SBE/LBE Outreach (Professional Services and Construction) and Workforce Development/Community Engagement initiatives.

Cahill Contractors, Inc. is a local Bay Area firm with experience across many markets and types of construction, from the city of San Francisco to all sides of the Bay. We build with a focus on quality, collaboration, and value. Our projects are tightly controlled and well managed, providing clients with the lowest overall project cost. We work openly and in concert with clients, architects, and subcontractors to complete projects on time, under budget, and to the client’s utmost satisfaction.

As a family owned business, integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We recognize that people are our greatest asset. Whether in the field or the office, our employees at every level take tremendous pride in their work.

Monica Wilson/Community + Real Estate Development

leadership + mentorship partners

young adult outreach partners

program management

fiscal sponsor

Juma Ventures is an innovative and award-winning youth development program that combines employment in social enterprises, college preparation, and financial asset building to create a safe, supportive community where under-resourced youth can achieve their dreams of a college education.

Juma helps break the cycle of poverty by ensuring that young people complete a four-year college degree.

Juma Ventures

East Bay College Fund

East Bay College Fund helps resilient public school students, under-represented in higher education, access and succeed in college, expanding their life opportunities.

East Bay College Fund aspires to involve the whole community in providing college access services, scholarships, mentoring, and support networks to assist these young people in realizing their full potential.

Community Initiatives

We support, champion, and provide services to unincorporated nonprofit projects in California that benefit the community. Fiscal sponsorship allows our projects to concentrate on their charitable purposes while we handle “back-office” services and provide a secure, reliable mechanism for donors. Our current fiscally sponsored projects benefit arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services, and public affairs. Community Initiatives enables individuals and groups, working together, to create and invest in projects that benefit the public. We do this by providing fiscal sponsorship and financial, human resources, and grants management services.

Lynette McElhaney is the daughter of union parents – a machinist and a telecommunications worker - hard-working folks from the South who labored to provide a better life for their kids. Lynette has served as the Executive Director of a multi-million dollar non-profit,working hard to develop affordable housing, expand economic opportunity and curb violence in low-income communities. She knows how to balance real budgets and make a payroll. In her present capacity as City of Oakland City Councilmember, District 3 (including West Oakland/Downtown Oakland), Lynette was a CIWI 2013 guest speaker inviting the interns into her office for a small group meeting and to share with the interns the importance of active civic engagement on matters ranging from economic equality to giving back to their community.

Lynette Gibson McElhaney
Oakland Council District 3
San Francisco Housing Action Coalition

The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC) was founded in 1999 and has become a reliable voice supporting smart growth, transit-oriented development and, especially, more solutions for housing affordability, in a city known for its rough-and-tumble political climate.  Through our committees, the SFHAC endorses projects that meet these goals as well as helps to develop and implement policies that will allow for the right kind of housing to be built in the future.  We have found that by balancing competing factions and searching for middle ground, we can make significant impacts on land use decisions.  In 2013, SFHAC joined the CIWI team and invited CIWI interns to attend and participate at its regular meetings as well as assist SFHAC and volunteer at annual membership fundraising events.

Founding funder + Partner