Number of Internship Positions

In 2013, CIWI provided five internship positions including the following:

  • Cahill Contractors (2 positions): Construction Management
  • Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) (2 positions): Housing Development and Capital Improvement Projects
  • John Stewart Company (1 position): Housing Development

Fiscal Sponsorship

CIWI is now fiscally sponsored by Community Initiatives (CI), a 501c (3).  CI, a San Francisco-based entity, has an approximately 15 year track record of incubating programs and non-profits and delivering a scope of financial management and oversight services required by program funders including public and private sources and foundations.

Funding Sources and New Partners

CIWI raised over $46,000 in private donations from San Francisco construction and development firms and the JR Cahill Fund.  These funds are committed to all CIWI program costs including internship, leadership and mentorship, and administrative project costs.

Young Adult Outreach Partners

The success of the program is made possible by the young adult organizations that are part of the CIWI Team. In 2013, CIWI expanded its core young adult outreach team and now our partners include Juma Ventures and East Bay College Fund. Both organizations are members of the Bay Area College Success Network (CSN), which brings together local organizations and institutions that work to broaden college access and success for underserved student populations, especially low-income and aspiring first-generation college students.

Expanded and Enhanced Leadership and Mentorship Component

In Year Two, CIWI created new leadership and mentorship program activities that include a targeted civic engagement and exposure component. CIWI young adults participated in several civic and community engagement events (such as a "Meet and Greet" with City Council Member Lynette Gibson McElhaney, District 3/Oakland), attending ground breaking ceremonies and job site walks, city and community meetings (e.g., Commission Community Investment and Infrastructure/CCII) to learn about large scale housing and economic development initiatives, and attended several  San Francisco Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC) project endorsement meetings and related events.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

2013 Achievements

TNDC provides affordable housing and services for low-income people in the Tenderloin and throughout San Francisco, to promote equitable access to opportunity and resources.

TNDC was founded in 1981 to achieve two ambitious and intertwined visions: to transform the lives of the poor and marginalized residents of unsafe and poorly maintained housing in the Tenderloin, and to protect the Tenderloin from the seemingly inevitable gentrification that then loomed over the neighborhood. TNDC’s housing development team has more than 45 years of experience developing housing for San Francisco’s low-income communities. 

John Stewart Company

Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation

The John Stewart Company began in 1978 with a commitment to providing high quality management for affordable housing in the Bay Area. Today, JSCo is a full-service housing management, development, and consulting organization employing over 1,300 people state-wide. According to the National Affordable Housing Management Association's 2013 report, JSCo was the largest affordable housing provider in California, and ranked 6th nationwide. 

The staff at The John Stewart Company is as multi-faceted as the populations we serve. We have been recognized by the State of California with an award for Excellence in the Workplace for the promotion of ethnic and cultural diversity. Our professional backgrounds are in areas as diverse as real estate, finance, education, sociology, land use planning, public policy, architecture, engineering, construction, accounting and communication. Our diversity of experience, together with our commitment to providing service oriented housing, exemplifies the unique perspective and breadth of services we bring to every client.

2013 internship funders/Partners