Frequently asked questions


How can I become an Individual or Firm Funder/Partner?
In order to expand the funding base, the CIWI team has developed the following levels of participation.

$500 - Individual Participation
Provides funding for program implementation expenses.

$2,500 – Leadership and Civic Engagement Level
Provides partial funding for CIWIs comprehensive Civic Engagement component—including attending industry events, securing targeted training, and developing networking skills.

$4,000 - Partial Internship Level
Provides partial funding for internship costs (payroll and benefits) and for program implementation expenses.

$8,800 - Internship (Full Sponsorship Level)
Provides funding for one intern position for the 12-week period (creating approximately 240 hours of intern work experience and career development opportunities) and partial funding of CIWI’s related project costs and the Civic Engagement component. 

Click here to download the CIWI FAQs and Partner/Funder Intake Form to get involved.

Who is managing the programs funds?

CIWI is fiscally sponsored by Community Initiatives (CI), a 501c(3).  CI, a San Francisco-based entity, has an approximately 15 year track record of incubating programs and non-profits and delivering a scope of financial management and oversight services required by program funders including public and private sources and foundations.

How can I get more involved in CIWI 2018?
We encourage Partner/Sponsor/Funders to participate as follows:
* CIWI’s Civic Engagement Component (Meet and Greet/ Workshop Series); and/or
* Co-Sponsor an Event with CIWI and/or Key Stakeholders and Partners (e.g., participate in a job site walk, groundbreaking ceremony or related civic engagement events).

I am interested in funding an Intern this summer that works from my office, what does this involve?
Funding the CIWI program at $8,800 will allow an Intern to work from your office/job site over the summer (June through August). We encourage firms to identify one point of contact representative that will oversee and assist the intern throughout the 12 week program. Weekly time sheets need to be completed and some level of engagement with CIWI program representatives is required. CIWI representatives will contact firms to provide additional information.

If I fund an intern position, how will the intern get paid?
Interns will get paid directly by Community Initiatives based on timesheets prepared and approved by each firm working with an intern.  Typically, interns will get paid every two weeks. Interns will earn $19 per hour for each hour worked as well as for their time and participation in the extensive Civic Engagement program. Additional information will be provided to participating firms regarding timesheets, check-ins, etc.

Are the funds tax deductible?
Varies. Donations made for Program Administration, Civic Engagement (L+M, Meet and Greet) and Internship components (that do not include placement of an intern at your office during summer 2015) are tax deductible. However, donations made for an Internship Sponsorship position (and the intern works at your office during summer 2018) are not tax deductible.

Who do I make the check payable to?
Please make checks payable to Community Initiatives/CIWI. Checks should be mailed to Community Initiatives, 354 Pine St., #700, San Francisco, CA 94104; Attn: FSP (CIWI).